Friday, February 22, 2008



Amor de Madre

Multiple is when you have two drops of water, something so simualtanuasly that you want to repeat! Again and again. Well, more or less.


To love one makes you fresh

to love tvice gives you the experience

to repeat you have the multiple choice of living (zordis)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Teoría que es ... supongo que es algo de todo, la vida, el amor y la pena!

Mi teoría para la buena vida es tener a algien quien de quiera con locura ....

Esta pieza es hecho con colores acrilicos enzima de una teja! Se llama dos corazones escondidos.

Two hidden hearts is the name of this piece. It is painted on roof tile, 20 x 40 cm .....

Theory is a love story where you can´t get off with not loving ......

Georg, for dig saa har jeg gjort de tvo gemte hjerter! Haaber du har de godt og ta en great hilsen til Danmark!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This couple are thinking of each other.

They feel Love, happyness, their heart beeting, they feel their life in each other.

What is love and why do week seek happyness.

I love to live and I live to love.

Hope you enjoy these roof tiles my freinds .....

Acryl og rooftile, 20 x 40

Loving peace!


Monday, February 11, 2008

I had forgotten my secret code to enter on this site. Now 1 year has past and im still kicking the beast! Well, my self in to continue my goals!

So now I have started to paint on roof tiles. I enjoy that a lot and I´m planning a few exhibition this year.

Georg if you see this please give me your hej fra Danmark, jeg kan godt tale og laese dansk .....

Now I have desided to jump from the board and see where it will lead me. I always said that I´d aim for beeing an pensionist at 40 .... let´s see what life has to offer.

This pease is acryl on roof tile, sized more or less 20 x 40 ....

Hope you are well and kicking .... life is beautiful!